Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Society and Individual Relationships

Through Wilkes' Social Sciences programs, you can:

  • Develop an appreciation for the sociological imagination.
  • Use sophisticated methods to explain and predict how public policies are fashioned and the effects of those policies.
  • Examine the psychological, social, economic, and political causes of crime and the impact crime, law, and justice have on society.
  • Understand the world, how it works, and what role you have in shaping the global community.

of students who work with a pre-law advisor admitted to at least one law school.


of psychology majors interested in pursuing an internship placed at an internship site.


majors represented in the Pre-Law program in last 15 years.

Studying criminology at Ӱֱapphas provided me the tools to develop profound critical-thinking and writing skills while opening my eyes to new passions for the law and the criminal justice system.

Karlie Gorall ’22, Criminology major