NeuroTraining & Research Center

The NeuroTraining & Research Center at Ӱֱapp brings to campus cutting-edge Neuroscience technology in the field of mental performance enhancement. The services are available at no cost to all Ӱֱapp students, faculty and staff.

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The NeuroTraining & Research Center aims to provide all members of the Ӱֱappcommunity cutting-edge neurotraining designed to help achieve personal goals in:

  • Attention
  • Focus
  • Stress Management
  • Athletic, artistic and academic performance
  • Overall well-being.

The Center also provides undergraduate internship opportunities, as well as research opportunities for faculty and students in Neuroscience and Psychology.

Center Services

Offer Neurotraining to the University Community

The NeuroTraining Center provides cutting-edge equipment and brain-training techniques, at no cost to students, staff and faculty of the University.

New clients complete a form indicating their goals, such as:

  • Better focus
  • Improved concentration
  • Better ability to cope with stress
  • Greater sense of calmness
  • Improved athletic or artistic performance

Based on these goals, the client enters into one of the training programs at the Center, which include:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Biofeedback
  • Audio-Visual Entrainment
  • HeartMath
  • MUSE
  • Meditation

Programs take from two to six weeks to complete. Upon completion, clients can repeat a programs and/or select additional programs.

Provide Internship Experience

Neuroscience or Psychology majors may choose to complete a three-credit, semester-long internship at the Center or even serve as a volunteer. After receiving training, the interns act as training technicians for clients. This practical experience is valuable to students who want to pursue graduate studies in psychology, neuroscience or a health sciences field, as well as those looking for employment in a clinical, or health-related setting.

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