Parking Locations

Please call parking services at 570-408-7275 for any other questions or information regarding parking.

Parking Lot Name Location Location Description
Parking #1 170 S. Franklin St. Behind Weckesser Hall
Parking #2 187 S. Franklin St. Next to the Library (handicapped-accessible parking only)
Parking #3 84 S. River St. Next to Chase Hall (handicapped-accessible parking only)
Parking #4 110 W. River St. 100 block of W. River St.
Parking #5 84 W. South St. Behind the Henry Student Center. Entrances on S. River St. and S. Franklin St.
Parking #6 274 S. Franklin St. South of the Arnuad C. Marts Center
Parking #7 Barnum Pl./W. South St. North of the Arnuad C. Marts Center (access Barnum Pl. from W. South St.)
Parking #8 169 S. Main St. Behind Simms Center. Entrance on W. South St.
Parking #9 10 E. South St. Behind University Towers
Parking #10 148 S. Main St. University Center on Main (UCOM) garage
Parking #11 116 S. Main St. Behind Marquis Art & Frame (access Nesbitt Ln. from S. Main St.)
Parking #12 141 S. Main St. Karambelas Media and Communication Center/Sordoni Art Gallery