Visiting Students

What is a Visiting Student?

A Visiting Student attends Ӱֱapp for a given semester with the intention of transferring their credits to their home institution.

Register as a Visiting Student

  • Visiting students are not required to submit official college/university transcripts from their home institution, but must submit an unofficial transcript showing proof that they have taken or are currently taking any required pre-requisite/co-requisite course(s).
  • Visiting students are encouraged to seek the approval from their current institution's academic advisor to ensure that the Ӱֱappcourse will transfer appropriately.
  • Upon completion of a Ӱֱappcourse, a student may request official transcripts be sent to their home institution.
  • Visiting students can register for classes in the fall semester, spring semester, winter intersession and/or summer intercession.

Cross Registration

Students at King's College & Misericordia University are allowed to to cross-register at Ӱֱappfor any fall, spring, or summer course. Students register through their home institution where they are enrolled as degree candidates and would not complete a visiting registration form. Please contact your home institution's academic advisor or Registrar’s Office for more information.

Cross-registration is not available for winter intersession courses. Students interested in winter intersession courses must complete a visiting student registration form and are responsible for all costs incurred.

Visiting Student Resources


The ӰֱappPortal is where you can review and pay your tuition bill, view your courses and other important services. You will receive your login information in the mail after your registration is complete.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact:

ӰֱappHelp Desk
(570) 408-HELP.

Course Books

The Colonel Corner, Ӱֱapp's campus store, is located on the first floor of the Henry Student Center. You can you need for courses online via Barnes & Nobles. If you don't see your course on the list, it most likely means that your instructor did not submit book information to the bookstore.

ID & Parking

Your ӰֱappID and parking permit may be obtained by visiting the Public Safety Office located at 148 S. River St, Wilkes-Barre or by calling (570) 408-7275.

Parking Privledges & Responsibilities


Ӱֱappdoes not send paper bills in the mail. When available, your e-bill will be available online in the .

More on Billing and Tuition Payments

Dining on Campus

Henry's Dining Hall and Starbucks @ Gambini's are open during the winter and summer intersessions.


For questions about registering as a visiting student or available courses, please contact:

The Office of the Registar