The study of art and art history at Ӱֱapp provides a unique accompaniment to major academic degree programs. Ӱֱappoffers minors in studio art and art history.

These programs seek to provide a challenging learning environment where students will be able to develop skills in critical thinking, creativity, aesthetics, and historical contexts, while enhancing their use of materials and diverse technologies. Our dedicated faculty works closely with all students to share a variety of artistic philosophies and practices in a range of disciplines.

Visual Arts Programs

Studio Art Minor

A Minor in Studio Art at Ӱֱapp offers a fundamental design course which introduces a range of disciplines focusing on specific areas of art. Gain hands-on experience in design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, computer graphics or ceramics.

The curriculum includes:
  • The essentials and principles of two-dimensional design.
  • The study of color systems.
  • Two and three dimensional studio work explored through the creative process in a variety of media.
  • Lectures and discussions on the elements of art and the forerunners of modern and contemporary art.

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Art History Minor

A Minor in Art History will introduce the art and architecture of Western Civilization from pre-history through the Early Renaissance, non-western cultures and the High Renaissance to the present.

Lectures and discussions focus on major artists, artworks and trends within their cultural setting.

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