Disability Services & Accommodation Procedures

Disability Services & Accommodation Procedures

Disability Services

Ӱֱapp is committed to providing equal educational opportunity for all students who meet the academic admissions requirements. In addition to providing direct services to students with disabilities as mandated by

, and the , the University assists faculty and staff in the development and provision of reasonable accommodations.

Students with disabilities are reminded that it is their responsibility to notify the University of their needs, provide the required documentation, and formally request the specific accommodation(s).

Accommodation Procedures
In an effort to assure that all Ӱֱappstudents are given the opportunity to succeed, the University has adopted the following guidelines to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. This policy cannot guarantee each student's success. Ultimately, each student is responsible for his or her own success.       
  1. The student with a learning disability is presented to the Executive Director of the Office of Academic Success through Admissions, self or parent referral, or faculty/staff referral.
  2. Documentation of the disability is required. Assessment must have been completed during the past three years by a psychoeducational specialist, i.e., clinical psychologist, psychoneurologist or school psychologist. The actual test results must be provided to University College in order to ensure appropriate accommodations. (See documentation guidelines).
  3. Case review by University College staff and the Director of Campus Counseling.
  4. Interview the student and staff member from University College.
  5. Formulation of academic support plan to assist student and notification of accommodations sent to appropriate faculty. The University College staff will determine the range of accommodations such as the amount of extended time allotted for test-taking.
  6. The student requests appropriate accommodations and signs permission for faculty notification. Students must request appropriate accommodations each semester.
Appeals Process

Students may appeal decisions on documentation and accommodations by contacting Dr. Paul Adams, Vice-President for Student Affairs.