4+1 MBA Program

Fast-track your career by earning both a bachelor’s degree and a master of business administration degree in just five years!

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Ӱֱapp offers a unique opportunity to save both time and money by earning a master of business administration degree in only one extra year with the accelerated five-year bachelor’s degree/MBA.

How it Works

  • Students take up to nine credits of MBA courses in the final semester of their senior year.
  • The summer after graduation, students will begin taking MBA core and elective courses that are offered on weekends and online.
  • Students will take three to four courses each of three semesters (36 to 39 credits total) to complete their MBA degree in one year.

The MBA Advantage

Studies show that students who graduate with a master of business administration degree are more likely to get hired, start at a higher rate of pay, and advance in their careers faster than other graduate degrees:

  • Jobs that require master’s degrees are expected to grow 21.7 percent through 2020, faster than the growth at any other education level (The Washington Post).
  • Job applicants with an MBA degree can expect 50 percent more in starting salary on average (Forbes).
  • Students who graduate from an MBA program recoup their investment, on average, in 3.5 years (Fortune).

To participate in the 4+1 MBA program, you must apply to the MBA program prior to the semester in which you intend to start taking MBA courses. Application requirements include:

  • a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.25
  • completion of at least 108 credits
  • an undergraduate internship
  • Save money by taking graduate-level classes during your senior year.
  • Save time by completing your master of business administration degree in only one year.
  • Enter the job market one year earlier than if you had earned your bachelor’s and entered a traditional MBA program.
  • Gain a competitive edge over other job candidates.

All business programs in the Sidhu School of Business and Leadership are AACSB accredited.