Energy Studies Minor

Energy makes things happen, and so can you. Harness the power of your potential by pursuing a minor in energy studies at Ӱֱapp.

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About the Minor

Our unique interdisciplinary minor complements a range of majors in areas including the natural sciences, engineering, health sciences, business administration, economics, social sciences, political science, education, the humanities and fine arts.

As an energy studies minor, you will take 18 credits, including:

  • EGY 105 Introduction to Energy;
  • A 200-level course in each of three subject areas – Science/Engineering, Humanities/Policy and Business;
  • One additional course from any of the three subject areas;
  • EGY 291 Capstone.

This cross-disciplinary approach will prepare you to address energy-related issues from a variety of perspectives. The energy studies minor offers you a solid grasp of the complex issues surrounding energy production, delivery and consumption. You will learn how to address problems in energy by integrating science, engineering, policy, business, history, communications and the arts. The program combines outstanding instruction in basic and advanced principles with experiential learning that requires students to work in teams to solve real-world challenges.

Ӱֱappgraduates completing an energy studies minor will be prepared for careers with energy companies, engineering and consulting firms, non-profit organizations, government regulatory agencies, research firms, legislative staffs and the media.

If you are interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge of energy issues to broaden your career options, to be a leader in community discourse or to become a more savvy energy consumer, a Ӱֱappenergy studies minor can give you that power.

Students of any major may pursue the energy studies minor.

For information, contact Dr. Ken Klemow, professor of biology and environmental science, at or (570) 408-4758.